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Jason Statham plays Detective Quentin Conners, a rogue cop who's been suspended from the force for playing a part in the accidental shooting of a woman in a hostage crisis. His partner's been fired and its funny- but we never meet that partner. At least not until the end of the film. Anyway Snipes and his gang pull a bank robbery and ask specifically for Conners to be the one in charge of negotiations. His superiors take him off suspension but give him a babysitter- rookie Detective Shane Dekker (Phillippe). They head off to the bank where there is a standoff andyou guessed it- a hostage situation! Things end badly and a few hostages die but more importantly Snipes and Company get away. But did they even take anything? Nothing noticeable. This is where the film goes into frenzied, implausible, action mode- as Statham and the super-smart Phillippe go after Snipes, who seems virtually impossible to catch. That's because he's Statham's ex-partner! The two are in on an intricate plot to get rich and flee the country. Conners fakes his own death and while Phillipe is able to foil Snipe's plans he can't stop Conners. In the end, he gets away leaving detective Dekker stunned and dumfounded.


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