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One Missed Call (2004)

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 During an evening get-together with friends, Murasaki Yoko's cell phone suddenly rings in an unusual tone. Not recognizing the tone, Yoko doesn't pick up soon enough and the call goes into "voice mail" (chakushin). When she sees that the call/message was from her own phone number and dated two days into the future both she and her friend Nakamura Yumi listen intently to the message. What they hear is the voice of Yoko in casual chit-chat, followed by a horrendous scream, and then dead silence.

Of course the two girls attempt to laugh this off and even share the story with their friends, but when Yumi receives a phone call on the very moment...

Yoko, a friend of the two girls, received a call to her cell phone on Apr 16 at 11:04pm. Her cell phone indicated that the message (chakushin) was from Apr 18 at 11:04pm. At exactly 11:04pm on April 18, Yumi receives a call from Yoko. During that call, Yoko goes through the very same chit-chat as was on her previous voice mail. As Yumi suddenly realizes what might happen next, she hears Yoko shriek into the phone.

Yoko is violently thrown by an invisible force through a chain link fence and onto a speeding commuter train below. Then, as Yoko's severed arm still holds the phone, it begins to dial a phone number...

This, we find, is only one in a long string of similar incidents wherein some unlucky soul receives a call foreshadowing an all-too-soon grisly demise. At the moment of death, another unlucky soul whose number is stored on the dead phone gets a call, etc. In this manner, the curse propagates itself through a countless chain of unsuspecting cell phone users. After several of her friends die in horrible ways before her very eyes, Yumi can only search for answers. She runs into Yamashita whose own sister was violently killed following the same type of strange call. As the two look further into the few clues they have, what they find proves to be an overwhelming and malevolent force intent on destroying all it encounters.

Cast : Kou ShibasakiShin'ichi TsutsumiKazue FukiishiAnna Nagata  
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