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 Ming is an ordinary girl who can contact the dead since she was young. It has been fifteen years that she tries to escape from a mysterious ghost that keeps following her. She meets a young doctor named Budd who visits her to find out the reason behind the death of his father. He believes that his father was murdered. The arriving of Budd brings back the terrible memory in the past of Ming's life. Now she is going to face the truth that is more terrible than the ghosts.


While critics can go on ranting about how tiresome and unoriginal horror movies involving ghosts and spirits for the next few decades, you can be sure there will always be a market for them. This is especially true in the Asian filmmaking context, how else would you explain the slew of horror movies produced in this region of the world, and the number of horror movie DVDs which continue to arrive uninvited at this reviewer’s assignment schedule?

In the latest attempt to appreciate this genre of movie, this reviewer watches a 97 minute picture which tells the story of a girl who can see and contact the dead (how refreshing – not!). This talent, or as some would put it, curse, has been with her since she was a little girl (now you know how tormented the kid from The Sixth Sense was). Enter a young doctor who seeks to uncover the truth behind his father’s death. And as any proper horror movie would develop, these two characters’ lives would affect each other in ways they never thought it would.

To be fair, this is quite a decent movie, with some truly disturbing scenes (proving that our friends at the censorship board has done a proper job of providing consumer advice) of creepy spirits who did not die in peace. It also boasts of production values that are above average, with sophisticated camera work, detailed lighting and some nice graphic effects.

We also do not blame the two leads Anuchit Sapanpong and Nuttamonkan Srinikornchot for looking gloomy throughout the entire movie. Though their broodiness isn’t exactly what you’d want to come across on an already upset day, a movie like this does require such expressions. Director Tharatap Thewsomboon handles the genre well, executing the right moods and the appropriate scares the correct moments – so why do we still think that this is a movie that we’ll forget what the movie is about, say, within a month?

Because there are already tons of (better) movies out there of this format, that’s why. The synopsis tells us that the female protagonist is going to “face the truth that’s more terrible than the ghosts”, and while we may not be the most intellectual people around, we were able to see that “twist” coming. Yes, you know what the moral has always been: the human heart is often more evil and darker than a wandering spirit.


This Code 3 disc includes a Trailer and a four minute Making Of which err, has no accompanying subtitles, so we’ve got no idea what the folks are talking about.


The movie’s visual transfer is above our expectations and is presented in its original Thai audio track.

Cast: Anuchit Sapanpong



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