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Bionicle The Legend Reborn (2009)

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Mata Nui (Michael Dorn), the Great Spirit of the Matoran universe on Aqua Magna, has been exiled from his home by his 'brother,' the evil Makuta Teridax. Teridax took over his gigantic robot body and placed his spirit inside the legendary Mask of Life that has been recently sought after by friend and foe alike. Teridax then banishes the mask into orbit in order to prevent Mata Nui from interfering with his takeover of the Matoran Universe.

The mask crash lands on a planet called Bara Magna, a remote, decaying wasteland of scrap parts and burnished metals, a desert junkyard. A swarm of Scarabax Beetles go towards the mask, touch it, and flee, all except for one. The mask creates a body for Mata Nui and he picks up the Scarabax, who touches his mask. It turns into a shield containing the eyes of the beetle. A humanoid scorpion called a Vorox (Dee Bradley Baker) attacks Mata Nui, and he breaks off the creature's tail in the process with the Scarabax Shield. He picks up the tail as a vehicle carrying a villager named Metus (David Leisure) shows up. The fast-talking Glatorian recruiter takes Mata Nui to Vulcanus as he tells the once ruler about life on Bara Magna.

Local villages scavenge for what remains, building shelters, survival gear and ultimately arenas where they can settle their disputes. Pitting the best gladiator in each village against one another, tribes can quickly end quarrels based on the outcome of the fight. Metus introduces Mata Nui to Raanu (Armin Shimerman), the Agori leader of Vulcanus, who is too interested between the fight between Strakk (Jeff Glen Bennett) and Vulcanus' prime Glatorian, Ackar (Jim Cummings), to talk. Strakk eventually falls in battle, but gets up and fells Ackar after conceding, a move that would get him banned from the fights. Mata Nui intervenes and gets beaten down by the angry Strakk. While using the broken Vorox tail to defend his face, the mask transforms it into a sword. Mata Nui gets up and quickly downs the surprised Strakk, making friends with Ackar in the process.

Metus sees this and tries to hire Mata Nui, who refuses. Ackar introduces the hero to Kiina (Marla Sokoloff), a feisty Glatorian from the village of Tajun. In exchange for showing the two Glatorians a secret cavern underneath Tajun, Kiina would like to leave Bara Magna with Mata Nui. On their way to Tajun, the three Glatorians get ambushed by a giant scorpion-like creature called a Skopio, and a pack of Bone Hunters (Dee Bradley Baker), who were told the Glatorian's location by an Agori traitor. Together, the Glatorians trap the Skopio and Bone Hunters under a rockslide and make it to Tajun safely.

The village has been raided by the combined efforts of the formidable Skrall (Dee Bradley Baker) army and the Bone Hunters. A Glatorian rookie, Gresh (Mark Famiglietti), had been trying to defend the village and needs to be repaired. Kiina takes the party to the Great Beings' secret lair where they meet Berix (James Arnold Taylor), a thief and suspected traitor. While Berix fixes Gresh, the other three discover an underground secret lab containing a picture of the robot that the Makuta currently inhabits now.

As the Glatorians leave, they complain about their weapons being damaged. Mata Nui holds them up to his mask and they transform into more powerful ones. Each weapon can now channel an element from it. Ackar, fire, Kiina, water, Gresh, air. The three practice their newfound powers as they travel to Gresh's village, Tesara, while Ackar teaches Mata Nui to stay alert in battle and to study and find your opponent's weakness. To the protests of Raanu and Metus, the four Glatorian stop a fight between Vastus (James Arnold Taylor) and Tarix (Jeff Glen Bennett), telling the crowd of Agori that they must unite their villages and the Glatorians must unite against the threat of the Bone Hunter-Skrall alliance. Mata Nui proves his worth to the crowd by transforming Tarix' weapon, and then they believe the four Glatorians.

In the Hot Springs near the Skrall camp, Kiina follows a mysterious figure. It turns out to be Berix, who is captured along with Kiina by the Bone Hunters and the true traitor. Back in Tesara, Raanu and Metus alert the Glatorian to Kiina and Berix's kidnapping. Mata Nui ignores Ackar's and Gresh's calls to help and sets off for the Skrall camp on his own.

Kiina and Berix are held up high in a cage near the mouth of a cave. They decide that they will share the cavern underneath Tajun as a secret place to have in times of stress. Mata Nui approaches Tuma (Fred Tatasciore), the Skrall leader and challenges him to a one-on-one fight. Tuma knocks him down, boasting his 'mightiness' to the horde of Skrall and Bone Hunters ringing the Skrall Arena. Mata Nui tries to warn Tuma that arrogance can topple giants, but Tuma refuses and continues to fight arrogantly. Mata Nui then uses Ackar's teachings to find a weakness in Tuma's back and attacks it with fervor, felling Tuma in six blows to the back.

As he claims Tuma's shield in victory, the traitor and true leader of the Skrall appears, Metus. He explains that he got the nomads and the Skrall to unite under him to Mata Nui, Kiina, and Berix. He tells the Skrall and Bone Hunters to kill off the three, but they are attacked by a horde of Scarabax Beetles in the shape of a Malum-like monster. A backup squad of Agori and Glatorian arrive, and together, they fight back with vigor, first freeing Kiina and Berix.

Mata Nui sees Metus fleeing in his vehicle and follows him. Fortunately for Mata Nui, some vengeful Vorox overturn Metus' chariot, tumbling him to the feet of Mata Nui. Mata Nui picks him up and presses him to the Mask of Life. This resulted in Metus being transformed into a serpent, a representation of what he truly is. As he slithers away, he mentions that his united army cannot be defeated. Realizing this to be the key to winning, he has the Glatorians combine their powers against the waves of Skrall and Bone Hunters. As the defeated army flees, the Glatorians rejoice except for Kiina, who has thought Berix to be killed in battle. She finds him under a pile of rocks holding a Skrall shield. The battle for Bara Magna has been won.

As the Glatorian watch the combined efforts of the Agori and the Scarabax Beetles as they pull the villages together, the Glatorians and Berix notice that the completed villages look like a large robotic body, similar to the one that Mata Nui's spirit once inhabited. To further this, Berix pulls out a coin with the Unity-Duty-Destiny symbol, the Bara Magna symbol, and the Mask of Life symbol on one side, and a circular map on the other. Berix also pulls out the Skrall shield and deduces that they are both similar to each other and that they also form a map. With this information in hand, Mata Nui, Ackar, Kiina, Gresh, and Berix prepare to set off for their next adventure with a legend... reborn.



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