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Blue (2009)

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Aarav "Sarkar" Malhotra (Akshay Kumar) runs a fishing company in the Bahamas, in which Sagar "Sethji" Singh (Sanjay Dutt) is a diver. While Aarav has done well for himself, Sethji is under a financial crisis. To help him, Aarav advises Sethji to retrieve the lost treasure of a sunken ship called Lady in Blue. However, Sethji refuses to go to the ship as he has a haunted past with the ship.

Meanwhile, Sam (Zayed Khan) is in Thailand. He is a bike racer and the brother of Sethji. He races illegally and earns his living. This is where he meets Nikki (Katrina Kaif) who offers him work with Gulshan (Rahul Dev) to earn some extra cash. Gulshan offers $50,000 to Sam to deliver a package, but intentionally sabotages his mission by calling the cops on him. Following a heated chase, Sam loses the package. Gulshan threatens to kill Sam if he fails to return the package or pay up $50 million in return for it. Seeking advise from Nikki who Sam has developed an interest in, Sam leaves for the Bahamas to lay low with his brother.

Back in the Bahamas, Aarav tries to convince Sethji time and again to go to the Lady in Blue but in vain. Meanwhile, Sam finds a ring in Sethji's room which belonged to the treasure aboard the ship and realizes that his brother is hiding something from him. For the time being, Sethji says he bought the ring for his wife Mona (Lara Dutta). A few days later, some people attack Sam, when he receives a call from Gulshan saying that he is coming for him and that Nikki has been killed. Aarav saves Sam and demands to know why people tried to kill him. Sam tells Aarav everything and they decide to convince Sethji to go after the treasure as it is the last hope.

Meanwhile, Gulshan lands in the Bahamas and destroys Sethji's house and takes Mona hostage in return for the $50 million or Sam's appearance in front of him. With no other choice, he agrees to go with Aarav and Sam to the Lady in Blue to get the treasure. He also reveals his past, and the reason for his earlier non-compliance. A flashback reveals that Sethji as a young boy went diving with his father and they stumbled on the ship. His father located the ring and gave it to him. But while in the ship, due to an accident, Sethji's father gets trapped beneath an iron bar and dies.

The three locate the treasure only to find that Gulshan has arrived there with his henchmen and Mona. He threatens to spare Mona's life only in return for the treasure. After a lot of fighting in the water with Gulshan's henchmen they save Mona and at the end they realise that Aarav and Gulshan were actually business partners. Aarav told Gulshan to send Sam to the Bahamas and to kidnap Mona in order to convince Sagar to aid him in his search for the treasure. A fight ensues between Aarav and Sagar and Sam and Gulshan, resulting in Aarav killing Gulshan. Aarav dives into the sea with his bike and survives by inhaling the oxygen from the tyres. A storm is coming, therefore Sam, Sagar, and Mona decide to leave and head for land. At the end, Aarav calls Sagar and apologizes to everyone and said he has found all the treasure and tells his story of how he survives. It is discovered that Nikki was Aarav's wife and that her death was faked. Aarav tells them that they had to get their hands on the treasure because his grandfather Jagat Malhotra (Kabir Bedi) was the Captain of Lady in Blue and was accused of sinking the ship on purpose and was embarrassed in court, leading to him committing suicide. Aarav says he wanted to clear his family's name. Aarav receives a reward from the Indian Government for returning the lost treasure, and he deposits it into an account in the name of Sagar.

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