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Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

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The story concerns Connor Mead, a womanizing bachelor and high profile photographer with a disdain for marriage. After a routine photo shoot, Connor drives up to his family's estate for the wedding of his younger brother, Paul, to his girlfriend, Sandra. Connor soon encounters his former sweetheart, Jenny, and eventually manages to offend the majority of the guests with his views on romance and his attempts to convince Paul not to go through with the wedding.

Later in the evening, Connor visits the restroom and encounters the spirit of his late uncle, Wayne Mead, a former womanizer and Connor's mentor. Uncle Wayne tells Connor that he'll be visited by three ghosts and that he'll learn something about himself before the night is over.

Soon after, Connor goes to his room to meet one of the bridesmaids only to find the Ghost of Girlfriends Past, appearing to him in the form of an old high school girlfriend. Together, they revisit Connor's past relationships, particularly his childhood friendship and eventual romance with Jenny. After several weeks of dating, Connor and Jenny slept together with Connor becoming scared and leaving while Jenny was asleep, never looking back. When Jenny awoke to find Connor gone, she was visibly heartbroken. After being taken through the myriad of meaningless flings Connor had from that point to the present, he finds himself back in the present.

Following an altercation with the guests over Connor's (accidental) destruction of the cake and being shot down by Jenny after he poorly attempts to reconcile, Connor angrily storms out of the house and finds the Ghost of Girlfriends Present in the form of his assistant because even though she and Connor aren't dating, she is the only constant female figure in his life. She shows Connor how everyone is acting with him not around. Many of the guests endlessly put him down. Paul, however, speaks about how Connor looked out for him growing up and how he has hope that Connor will someday change for the better. Connor also sees Jenny, upset by a comment made by one of the bridesmaids, being cheered up by Brad, a fellow doctor that Paul and Sandra are trying to hook Jenny up with. Connor is upset that his actions and attitude are bringing the two closer, and even more distraught when he sees a trio of women that he had earlier dumped in a conference call bonding with his assistant over Connor's disregard for them.

Returning to the house, Connor finds Sandra angry and upset over an earlier revelation by Connor that Paul had had a previous fling with one of the bridesmaids, cheating on Sandra early in their relationship. Connor's attempts to mend the situation are hindered by Jenny as she defends Sandra's position. Paul, frustrated by the turn of events, tells Connor to leave.

Connor walks out to his car and finally encounters the Ghost of Girlfriends Future, a hauntingly beautiful woman who shows him a church where Jenny gets married to Brad while a lonely and unmarried Paul sits in the back of the church. Time fast forwards to an older Paul attending Connor's funeral. He is the only mourner. Uncle Wayne appears again and tells Connor that this is the path he chose before pushing him backwards into his own grave while all of his ex-girlfriends proceed to bury him.

Connor finally wakes up and is excited to greet the day until he learns that his brother's wedding has been canceled. Connor rushes to intercept the bridal party and manages to convince Sandra that she should forgive Paul and take him back, to which she happily accepts. That evening, Connor gives a speech about Paul and Sandra at the wedding, stating how much their parents would have loved her. He leaves the reception and finds Jenny in the backyard and once again tries to reconcile with Jenny, proving that he is serious by showing Jenny a picture of herself that he had taken as a child. Jenny is touched and kisses him. They are last seen dancing outside in the snow.



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