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Kick ASS (2010)

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Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) is a geeky teenager who wonders why nobody has ever decided to become a superhero like the ones in thecomic books, so he decides to become a real-life superhero himself, despite having no superpowers or training of any kind. During his first attempt to fight crime by attempting to stop two local thugs from breaking into a car, Dave is beaten, stabbed, and hit by a car. He convinces paramedics to say nothing of his costume, making them say he was brought in naked, and spends several weeks in the hospital. Upon returning to school, Dave finds his longtime crush, Katie (Lyndsy Fonseca), is surprisingly interested in him, but only because she thinks he is gay, after hearing a rumour caused by the belief that he was found naked: since everyone believes he was naked, they believe that his muggers must have raped him. Dave goes along with this in an effort to spend time with her.
Undeterred by his earlier setback, Dave continues to patrol the streets following his recovery. One night, he comes upon a gang fight and defends the single fugitive from his three attackers. A bystander records the event, as well as Dave calling himself "Kick-Ass". The video becomes a YouTube phenomenon, and Dave sets up a MySpace account so people can contact Kick-Ass.
Katie tells Dave that she is being harassed by a drug dealer, so he convinces her to ask Kick-Ass for help. Kick-Ass tracks down the drug dealer at his abode to deliver a warning, but is subdued by the dealer's henchmen, who appear to intend to kill him. He is then rescued by child costumed vigilante Hit-Girl (Chloƫ Moretz), who kills his attackers and then leaves with her father, Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage). They later track down Kick-Ass, informing him that they can work together, and they will keep in contact.
Big Daddy is then revealed to be Damon Macready, a former cop who was framed by local crime syndicate leader Frank D'Amico (Mark Strong). While Damon was in prison, his wife dies shortly after giving birth to Mindy. After his release, Damon trained Mindy to fight crime as Hit-Girl.
Believing Kick-Ass to be responsible for several deaths and theft of drug money within his organization, D'Amico orders his men to find and eliminate him. After D'Amico kills an imposter dressed as Kick-Ass, his son, Chris (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), suggests a different approach. Chris will pose as a superhero named Red Mist to trick Kick-Ass into trusting him, and lead him into a trap. Red Mist meets Kick-Ass, bringing him to D'Amico's warehouse to "ambush" his men. Instead, they find the building on fire with everyone inside dead. Red Mist retrieves surveillance footage which shows that Big Daddy is responsible.
Realizing the seriousness of his situation, Dave wants to quit being Kick-Ass. He tells Katie the truth, and she forgives him and becomes his girlfriend. Sometime later, Dave finds urgent messages from Red Mist, requesting they meet, and to find Hit Girl and Big Daddy. Kick-Ass leads Red Mist to one of the Macready's safe houses, with D'Amico's men following. Red Mist shoots Hit-Girl, knocking her out a window. Big Daddy and Kick-Ass are captured and taken to a warehouse to be tortured in a live Internet broadcast. Kick-Ass and Big Daddy are severely beaten, and Big Daddy is set on fire, when Hit Girl, who survived the gunshot by wearing a bulletproof vest, arrives and kills the gangsters. Big Daddy is badly burned and dies from his injuries after having a tender moment with his daughter. Kick-Ass tries to convince Hit-Girl to quit, but she plans to finish what her father had started, and Kick-Ass reluctantly agrees to help.
Hit-Girl does not quite have superpowers, but her abilities, like those of Batman, are close to superhuman. Big Daddy is merely very good at fighting. Kick-Ass is just an ordinary guy with extraordinary courage.
Posing as a schoolgirl, Mindy enters D'Amico's headquarters and nearly kills all the henchmen in the penthouse, but runs out of ammunition and is cornered. Just as one of D'Amico's thugs is about to shoot her with a bazooka, Kick-Ass, armed with a jet pack fitted with Gatling guns that Big Daddy had purchased prior to his death, kills the remaining men. He then takes on Red Mist and they knock each other out. Hit-Girl fights D'Amico, but she is eventually overwhelmed. As D'Amico is about to shoot Hit-Girl, a revived Kick-Ass fires the bazooka, blasting D'Amico out of the window where he explodes in mid-air. Red Mist comes around just to find Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl escaping with the jet pack.
Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass retire from crime fighting to live a more normal life. Mindy, now in the custody of Damon's ex-partner Sergeant Marcus Williams, enrolls at Dave's school. Dave explains a new wave of superheroes have been inspired by his endeavor. In the final shot we see Red Mist donning a new mask and declaring war on the new hero population with the words, "Like a great man once said, 'Wait'll they get a load of me'

Dated Released : 16 April 2010
Quality : R5 Xvid-Noir
Info :
Lihat : Trailer
Starring : Nicolas Cage, Mark Strong, Chloe Moretz
Genre : Action | Comedy | Drama

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Dalam kasus Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), bocah berusia belasan ini malah tak lagi memperdulikan kehidupan nyata dan tenggelam dalam dunia komik.

Dave memang tak punya banyak teman. Sebagian besar waktu luangnya ia gunakan untuk membaca komik-komik superhero favoritnya. Semakin sering Dave membaca, semakin kuat pula kisah komik ini melekat dalam diri Dave. Hingga suatu hari Dave yakin bahwa menjadi superhero seperti para tokoh di dalam komik yang ia baca adalah takdir hidupnya. Sayang Dave lupa kalau ia sama sekali tak punya kekuatan super seperti para pahlawan bertopeng itu.

Kenyataan itu ternyata tak membuat surut langkah Dave yang kemudian mengenakan seragam plus topeng yang ia buat dan menyebut dirinya Kick-Ass. Awalnya, misi Kick-Ass menjadi penyelamat kaum yang lemah tak terlalu mulus namun dengan semakin banyak berlatih, nama Kick-Ass mulai ditakuti para penjahat. Tapi di luar itu semua, ada yang tak disadari oleh Dave. Apa yang ia lakukan ternyata menjadi inspirasi buat banyak orang.

Di antara orang-orang yang terinspirasi tindakan Dave adalah Damon Macready (Nicolas Cage) dan putrinya, Mindy (Chloe Moretz) yang juga menjadi superhero dengan nama Big Daddy dan Hit Girl.


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